WOW. Thank you for sharing.

I am totally blown away.  Your photographs are AWESOME.  I felt like I was right there, I could feel the cold crisp air in my lungs.  I didn’t want the blog to end (and you didn’t disappoint).  Needless to say, I saved this blog on my favorites.  I also admit to a little envy in your travels, youth, free spirit and obvious talent as you commune with nature.  These are just beautiful.  I hope you don’t mind but my niece lives in California and she is forever taking off to take pictures.  She has some awesome shots of big sure when the wildflowers are in bloom.  There are people who have lived there all there lives and never seen the flowers she captured that day.  I’m sorry I’m on my laptop away from home or I would include the shot for you.

Stay young my friend.  God Bless.  And thank you for sharing.



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